An Improvement On A Pin?

I love Pinterest. Pinterest get my juices flowing. Pinterest allows me to connect with like minded people on a very visual level. Pinterest if chock full of talented, creative and inspiring folks. While it is true that I have 115 boards and 3300+ pins, I want to say right here, right now that I use much of what I pin! Recipes, crafts, things for school and our co-op and more. I do not just waste time on Pinterest! My life is richer because of Pinterest! (Is it me or does it sound like I am  justifying the time I waste spend on Pinterest?)

One of the first ideas I saw on Pinterest that I copied was practical and oh-so-useful for the cold prone person I am. It was a full box of new Kleenex rubber-banded to an empty box of Kleenex. The empty box catches all the used tissue and rubber-banding them together meant they, well, stayed together. You can see the original post here. I have used empty tissue boxes in the past for my icky tissues but rubber-banding them together? Now that’s clever! Since my ds was sick for a week recently, we had one of these kleenex contraptions all set up for the boy. However, when the box became full and needed emptying, it was so full and packed that it would not empty by simply turning it upside down. That meant I had to put my hand in that germ infested snot holder in order for it to be emptied. Nastiness people. There had to be a better way. Introducing the backwards brad method.

Gently pry open the flaps of the box on one side. Use a pencil or scissors to make a hole through the two overlapping flaps.
Now insert the brad through the opening on the top of the box so that the prongs go through the holes you made and will be opened and secured on the outside of the box. Viola!

See?! No more germy, snotty nastiness. Ta da! Easy emptying. (I still wash my hands though!)


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